Hew Dundas qualified as a mediator by achieving CEDR Accreditation in June 2000 since when he has been in practice as an arbitrator, mediator and expert determiner. In addition to practising as a mediator in commercial cases, particularly in the energy industry, he was formerly on the Mediation Panel of the Edinburgh Sheriff Court which provided a pro bono mediation service to parties in small claims cases; although, by definition, of small value, these are of particular interest since they are often of intense importance to one or both of the parties ! He regrets that, with the bulk of his practice being devoted to arbitration, he has not been able to devote as much attention to mediation as he would have preferred. However, he is on Mediation Panels in Edinburgh, London and Beijing.

In addition, Hew writes and publishes widely concerning mediation and related matters, particularly in providing a free e-mail distribution service of relevant materials of interest to the mediation community including his own publications, particularly on cases in the English courts involving mediation.

Finally, Hew Dundas is a member, and a former (2005-12) Director of the Board, of the Scottish Mediation Network, the umbrella co-ordinating body for all types of mediation in Scotland contributing, in particular, his knowledge and experience both of the commercial mediation sector and his closeness to mediation in London and in foreign jurisdictions.