Hew Dundas has authored approx. 200 articles on arbitration and related matters including 96 articles (up to volume 82/3) for the CIArb’s journal “ARBITRATION”;  see attached link for CIArb members only http://www.ciarb.org/my-ciarb/all-publications/the-journal

In addition, he is co-author of the definitive “Dundas & Bartos on the Arbitration (Scotland) Act 2010” (2nd edn pub. W Green & Co August 2014; ISBN 978-0-414-01927-0).

He is also co-author of the ICCA National Report on Việt Nam (2012;  revised 2015).

He has contributed to or has co-authored the following publications

  • “International Arbitration and International Commercial Law:  Synergy, Convergence and Evolution – A Liber Amicorum Eric Bergsten” (pub. Kluwer 2011;  ISBN 978-9-0411-3522-3);  contributor;
  • “Arbitration in England & Wales with Chapters on Scotland and Ireland” (pub. Kluwer 2014;  ISBN 978-9-0411-3998-6);  contributor of the chapter on Scotland;
  • “The Danubia Files – Award-Writing Lessons from the Vis Moot” (pub. Outskirts Press 2013;  ISBN 978-1-4787-1179-7);  co-author;
  • “Interim Measures in International Arbitration” (eds. Newman/Ong;  pub. Juris 2015; ISBN 978-1-937518-40-0); co-author of the Scottish chapter;
  • “A Liber Amicorum Thomas Wälde:  Law Beyond Conventional Thought” (pub. Cameron May 2009;  ISBN 978-1-907174-01-8);  contributor;
  • and others on non-arbitration topics

From 2001 to 2007 Hew published an e-mail “Arbitration Hewsletter” with commentary on arbitration cases and other material totalling nearly 300,000 words;  distribution was to colleagues in approx. 40 countries;

Hew has also published articles in “International Arbitration News” (ABA), “International Litigation Quarterly” (ABA), “ТРЕТЕЙСКИЙ СУД” (Moscow), ΜЕЖДУНАРОДНЫЙ КОММЕРЧЕСКИЙ АРБИТРАЖ (“International Commercial Arbitration”) (Moscow), “Asian Dispute Review” (Hong Kong);  “Arbitration Bulletin” (Almaty), OGEL, TDM, Money-Laundering Journal, International Energy Law Review, Dispute Resolution International and others.